Kay’s Bathroom Retreat

KAY’S BATHROOM RETREAT | Montego Bay, St. James The jacuzzi, nestled in its chocolate accented bay and wide open view beyond, is how you are greeted when entering the bathroom from the walk-in closet and dressing room. The soft, sheer valances frame the large windows and views of the rolling hills beyond.

KAY’S BATHROOM RETREAT | Montego Bay, St. James The mirror reflects the jacuzzi and shower. The high gooseneck faucet allows for splash-free tub filling, as well as, detaches as an extendable shower head to facilitate bathing and easy tub cleaning.

KAY’S BATHROOM RETREAT | Montego Bay, St. James When opting for pedestal sinks, countertop space and cabinet storage are often a challenge. We addressed these issues with the central storage unit and floating shelves over each pedestal sink.

KAY’S BATHROOM RETREAT | Montego Bay, St. James All our spaces are designed to function, while providing aesthetically stunning views. Here the soft two-toned green walls are pitted against the dark chocolate alcove. The valances echo the motif of the border tiles.

KAY’S BATHROOM RETREAT | Montego Bay, St. James The large wood and tile framed mirror, while dividing the tub and WC, add depth and interest to the bathroom. The shelf and ottoman creates a small dressing table. The ottoman also provides additional storage for toiletries.

ELLIS BATH | Philadelphia, PA This small bathroom was once stuck in the forties with black and white mosaic floor tiles, black and white wall tiles and antiquated plumbing equipment. Our aim was to create the more open, functional, modern, warm and charming bathroom you see here.

LE FRANCE | Unity Hall, St. James Have a small room? “Paint it white, add mirrors”. I absolutely disagree! I say make it special! This 25 square feet powder room is a great example of this belief. From its painted wallpaper to its blue/green ceiling and trims – an experience each guest will carry home.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James Inspired by the nostalgia of a bygone time, but modernized for comfort. From its single lever well tap to its counter top vessel sink, and stone accents, it takes you back. We all have to go. But isn’t it better when going takes us places, and make the process so much more a pleasant one?