Why We Do It

Creativity runs in my veins! Designing is not just what I do – it is who I am. It is my identity. I feel like a “kid in a candy store” when creating functional, individualized design solutions that nurture and magnifies my clients zest for living. I watch their dreams come to life, their spaces often reflecting a piece of their souls. It’s intoxicating for me. The obsession to sculpt environments is born out of a deep understanding of how people want to live. I have forged many lasting relationships with clients in my capacity as a “space doctor” and as their trusted adviser. I design because of you and because I excel at it. It is where my heart beats fastest. There is absolutely nothing else I would rather do!

Other Reasons Why We Do What We Do.

1. Your Personal Pleasure – The fuel for my creative fire. A 2.00 am call in morning just to say “I love my house”; a Doctor says “after four years it stills works, looks good, and is still the best in the country”; a .10.00 am telephone call to say, “I hate you, because now I can’t bear to leave my house”. This tells me, I made it uniquely yours, and for me that is heaven.

2. Love – It intrigues me to WOW you. I endeavor to, and enjoy finding functional, yet creative and elegant solutions to everyday and unique problems. It is always my goal to exceed your expectations.

3. Excellence – My journeys move me ever closer to perfection. My practice is my way of fulfilling this vow, as I challenge myself to improve my art. Thus, my present project is always my favorite and my best. I am constantly raising the bar.

4. Joy – I am your muse and a child in a candy store. That’s the euphoria I enjoy every time my concepts become a reality. It is a “high” I live for. I am possibly more excited about your space, than you are.

5. Satisfaction – The kind only hard work and good wine brings. It brings me great pride and honor to be able to use my knowledge and talents to touch and enrich the lives of others, by creating spaces that enhance experiences.