How We Do It

From Concept to Reality – A Step by Step Breakdown

1. The Meet – Here is the introduction where we get to know each other and ascertain if together, our energy and ideas will successfully come together to create your space.

2. The Agreement – Based on what you share with us, we will prepare a tailor-made agreement stating the different service options best suited for your needs.

3. The Brief – Here we outline the projects scope and goals. We create solutions and identify any short and long term objectives.

4. Design – Visuals that provide the look of your space, including problem solving, function focus, solution driven proposals. Includes floor plans, ceiling, lighting, interior architectural details etc.

5. Specifications – Here we give the design identity with specific Furniture, Fittings, Equipment, Materials and Finishes.

6. Purchasing Management – Sourcing, Quotations, Tenders, Purchase Orders, Shopping, Expediting, Delivery.

7. Construction Supervision – Contractor Selections, Insurance Reviews, Schedules, Site Meeting, Inspections and Punch List.

8. FFE Installation – We oversee the selection and installation of Plumbing and Electrical fixtures, Cabinets and Built-ins, Floors, Window Treatments, and the like.

9. Accessorize and Stage – We work with your heirloom pieces and assist in selecting and hanging new Art and balancing Flora and Fauna. Can include Signage, Urns, Throw Rugs, Pillows and other accessories.

10. White Glove Cleaning – You get to wear the inspection glove as we welcome you to your newly evolved space.

OUR PLUS – You get a virtual desk in our office with the ability to check your account status – payments, orders and balances all confidentially. Approve or Vito proposals. Track your items across oceans. You do this anytime, anywhere and from any computer. We keep you fully involved in the entire process.