CJW Residence

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James The kitchen’s island while formed to be a bold piece of art is extremely functional. From its independent water supply, task lighting, spice drawers, utensil drawers and easy-reach recipe library, it’s crafted for the exacting cook.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James Kitchen designed for the “performance art of cooking”. The island is so appointed to give guest a front row, fire-side-seat to witness the mastery of a premier cook turning ordinary ingredients into something truly special and delicious. Welcome to the cathedral of ceremonies of cooking and dining.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James The best spaces evolve when client, architect and designer work hand in hand. Thus, this is one of my favorite projects as I was present at the drafting of the first line. Inspired by the environment beyond its large windows, this all wood kitchen boast the wood, rust and green of the tropical forest in which it is nestled.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James Great food is created by loving expert hands and superior equipment. For the exacting art cook, this kitchen was fitted with state of art stainless steel Wolfe and Subzero equipment.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James The large picture window frames an ever changing sky and seascape. It is more about what’s outside than inside. Hence the wooden ceiling was designed to accent and direct attention to the window’s lines. The furniture is arranged purposefully around the window giving prime seating to the light and color show and wave action along the diverse coastline.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James From the clean line glass rails to the stairwell; to the accented doorway to the formal dining room beyond; all was deliberately designed to merge and highlight the mastery of the architectural design.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James Muted walls play supporting roles giving attention to the architectural details of the cedar windows, the family’s sculptures and beautiful handcrafted mahogany furniture.

CJW RESIDENCE | Spring Farm, St. James Being home to a budding artist and art collectors, the muted wall colors were chosen to allow the existing and growing collection to shine as well as to be subdued against the vibrant celestial artistry of the wild mad colors of the sunset in the distance and the brilliant night sky through the main picture window.