Hadiyah 1 — Montego Bay

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James Situated in the hills of Montego Bay, the house overlooks lush green valleys and hilltops gently grazing the sky. The light makes its home here during the day. It was important in the design process to soften and invite it in through these many windows. Hence, Hadiyah is bathed in light while inviting in the majestic views.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James Starting with a blank canvas of steel, concrete blocks and a set of blueprints, I worked closely with the Client in developing all the interior details, from lighting and plumbing design to the introduction of the red niches in the home’s architecture.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James Every project is designed around the client’s taste and lifestyle, making the evolved environment personal and uniquely theirs. This wall is a prime example. Here the clients plate collection is prominently displayed and forms a great conversation piece for kitchen guest.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James This compact kitchen was designed for function and open entertainment. The tall upper cabinets provide additional storage for occasionally use equipment, china and bake ware. The kitchen’s island allows for dining as well as invites guest in during the preparation of a meal.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James The design of this all mahogany staircase and handrail brings an air of grandeur to the home, while maintaining an air of casual elegance. In its 270° sweep, it provides interest glimpses to the environment above finally exploding in the living space with is 15’-0” high cathedral ceiling and the majestic view outside.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James The selection of suitable, durable textiles is important to the function and life of every project. To capture the client’s multi-faceted, unconventional personality in the selections was just an added plus I aimed for. I love to “wow” my clients.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James Every space we do is a personal expression of our client. We can help you select art, but we are most pleased with working with your existing art – you bring it, we will find a place for it. It is after all, a record of your journey.

HADIYAH | Montego Bay, St. James When selecting colors and finishes, I am most inspired by the personality of the space. If this space was a person how would it dress itself? What would its’ apparel choice say about it? How would it be perceived by onlookers, and what should it accomplish? In the words of the Client “My house has 27 colors seamlessly merging to form but one.”